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Hi, I'm Abigail


I'm the wife of Nathan (a designer, barista, and athlete), the mother of Eden Rose (a delightful, imaginative 3 yr old) and of a baby boy on the way. The foundation of everything I do is Jesus - it's his love that I try to emulate, his creation that I learn from, and his radical peace that grounds me. I currently call Madison, WI home but my heart has also been rooted in Seattle WA, Pensacola FL, and Harrisburg, PA.

Health, from a whole-person, nature-based, Creation-minded perspective, is my vocational passion. Although my brain loves science, my heart values freedom and fun. The result is a belief that true health isn't found in a polarizing list of "dos" and "don'ts" but rather the individualized blend of understanding & fully nourishing the body, mind, and spirit, while enjoying the little joys in life without worry or guilt. This passion also shows up relationally as a driving force behind the way I desire to nurture & raise up family and friends.

My passion for serving new moms started when I first became pregnant. I experienced a roller coaster of emotions, was overwhelmed with all of the conflicting information, and felt like conventional prenatal care was terribly insufficient, misunderstood, and medicalized.

After having a positive home birth, I knew I needed to help other women experience the same innate ability and beauty in their own bodies, starting with pregnancy. I hope to play a role in reforming women’s health, reclaiming the power and sacredness of childbirth, and educating on the importance of the prenatal period.


If you are an expecting mama, I would love to walk alongside you in your journey. I can't wait to connect with you -- please reach out!


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